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Soundtrack for the Dead: Eli by Scot Jenerik

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Oneirophrenia by Derek C. F. Pegritz

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What is Electronic Music?: A primer in electronic music genres.

I'm often asked what kind of music I like. When I say "electronic music" people usually think of EDM, but the electronic music spectrum is fairly broad.

Here is a non exhaustive list of  common types of electronic music I enjoy ( except grime). Browse through it and you will hear a wonderful variety of sounds that electronic music has to offer.


Throbbing Gristle

Post Industrial

Einstürzende Neubauten - Autobahn

Coil - Die Wolfe Kommen Zurüc

Skinny Puppy - Assimilate live 1987

Berlin School

Klaus Schulze - Floating


Kraftwerk - Pocket Calculator

Depeche Mode - Puppets

La Roux - I'm Not Your Toy


Binary Finary - 1998

The Quest - C Sharp

Goa / Psychedellic Trance

Hallucinogen - LSD

Infected Mushroom - Bombat


Frankie Knuckles - Your Love

Paperclip People - Throw

Acid House

Jungle Crew - Electric dance

Progressive House

Loki - NYC Underground (James Holden Inertia Mix)

Hip Hop

Souls Of Mischief - 93 til infinity

Pete Rock & CL Smooth - They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)


Glitch Hop

Prefuse 73 - Love You Bring

Tipper - Spunion

Garage / 2-step

True Steppers - Hurt You So '99


Inner City - Big Fun

Underground Resistance - The Final Frontier


Plastikman - Slinky

Big Beat / Chemical Breaks / "Electronica"

Fatboy Slim - The Rockafeller Skank

The Chemical Brothers - Dig your own hole

the Prodigy - Everybody in the Place

Drum and Bass

Goldie - Sea of Tears

Dom and roland - time

Teebee - Daywalker

Konflict - The Beckoning

Dubstep -
Kode9 - Ping

Skream - Rutten


Wiley- Wot Do U Call It

Below are some of my favorite songs of all time and represent everything good about electronic music.
Shpongle is listed twice, but it was chosen because it represents exceptional remixing.

Vangelis - Blade Runner Blues

Enya - Aldebaran

Shpongle - Around the World in a Tea Daze

Shpongle - Crystal Skulls (Western Rebel Alliance Remix)

Assemblage 23 - Ground

Haujobb - Last Hero

Amon Tobin - Esthers

Nine Inch Nails - Just like you Imagined

Monday, August 25, 2014

Thy Fearful Symmetry Releases Their Debut Album "From A Blue Room"

Inspired by bands such as The Cocteau Twins, Mogwai, Love Spirals Downward as well as Pink Floyd, South Bend, Indiana musicians Paul Seegers and Tim Villalba have come together with a studio project that combines shimmering guitars with lush synthesizers designed to calm the soul and fire the imagination.

TFS’s sound is a swirling dream of ambient, post-rock, dream pop that draws you into its dark recesses and never lets go – beautiful in its style and dark in its delivery.

Tim Villalba is a multi-instrumentalist who has performed and recorded music with the post-punk act Deep Fried. Tim has been influenced by bands such as The Cure, This Mortal Coil, as well as Curve, Starflyer 59 and The Legendary Pink Dots.

Guitar and keyboardist Paul Seegers is the former front man for the 90's industrial act Manhole Vortex and is best known as the live keyboardist for Seattle based synth/future pop outfit Assemblage 23. When not touring with A23, Paul produces music from his home studio.

On From A Blue Room, TFS enlisted several writers, vocalists and musicians to expand their sound including vocalist Mari Kattman on Barbara Eden, lyrics and vocals by Sara Snyder on All Moments Lead to Now and lyrics by Chris Vaughn on Men Who Never See. By enlisting these talented artists, Thy Fearful Symmetry looked to create the ultimate studio project and make the album more than just the sum of Seegers and Villalba's experiences.

1. After the Tears Dry
2. Make Believing
3. Thunderstorm
4.Barbara Eden
5. Eva
6. All Moments Lead to Now
7. A Better Life
8. Catabasis
9. Men Who Never See
10. This Day Calls You   

From A Blue Room is available as a hand-numbered, limited edition CD with digital download from the Carbon 12 Records Bandcamp page.

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Waveformless Soundware: TAL U-NO-LX Ultima patches

Waveformless TAL U-NO-LX Ultima$ 9.99 USDAdd to Cart

Starting out as a well-respected creator of freeware plug-in effects and instruments for Mac and PC,Togu Audio Line decided to try their hand at a commercial synth.  Their first commercial release wasTAL U-NO-LX, an impressively spot-on emulation of the venerable Roland Juno-60.  Although a relatively simple synth by modern standards, the Juno-60 was surprisingly versatile and can be heard on countless records from the 80's and beyond.  Waveformless Soundware's latest release tackles the TAL U-NO-LX with 128 brand spanking new patches pushing the synth to its limits.  The Juno's famously chunky basses, fat leads, lush synth strings and pads, and quirky synths are all here in abundance, while other patches have a more modern, current touch pushing the U-NO-LX into new territory.  Sounds perfect for classic house, techno, synth-pop, outrun electro, and any style that needs a touch of the 80's or just a bunch of extremely useful, workhorse synth sounds. If you're looking for the final word in patches for U-NO-LX, look no further.
[Requires version 2.50 of TAL U-NO-LX]
Because TAL U-NO-LX has no built-in effects aside from the killer chorus, some light reverb courtesy of Valhalla's amazing Vintage Verb reverb, and delay from Logic's built-on Delay plug are used as a bus effect in spots.  The entire mix also has some light limiting courtesy of Fabfilter's Pro L Limiter.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Patterns & Light is an evolution of a recent two-year period where Kodomo sampled classical records found in flea markets and sidewalk sales. Inspired by pieces from Bach, Schubert, Debussy, and Chopin, Kodomo examines how these classics can be re-contextualized, having sampled, stretched, and dissected their often unnoticed and most subtle parts. The samples were fed through various software processing programs and analog gear, generating new sounds, patterns, and ideas from which elements for a track would manifest itself. The album also highlights his collaborations with vocalists Melissa Kaplan (Universal Hall Pass), Sasha Lazard, and John Hogg (Kassini). The very limited (300) 180 gram vinyl edition of Patterns & Light comes in a gorgeous clear electric blue and is printed on a thick uncoated jacket and is numbered and signed. It features artwork on the cover and the inner sleeve by California based visual artist Chris Duncan. The uncoated digipack CD is limited to 400. The first 100 CDs are numbered and signed.

Monday, July 21, 2014

μtable - conversations

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Psychepoppet - Ghosts

 Simple things can sometimes reveal greater truths and the understated often goes unheralded. In the case of the Washington DC area-based project, Psychepoppet, minute details and influences are common in shaping both the physical landscape and audible projections that become the day-in and day-out of existing in close proximity to the US's most notorious district.

Founded in 2002, Psychepoppet initially took shape in the world of grafitti and began experimenting with music two years later in 2004. Utilizing synthesizers, field recordings, and found sounds and musically influenced by techno, big beat, post-industrial, classical, baroque, and Medieval styles, Psychepoppet reflects on the environmental factors that influence who we become and how we project that essence to and upon others.

Thematically, Psychepoppet explores the theory of empiricism and the age-old question of nature verses nurture with atmospheric electronics and understated beats. Part ambient, part minimal, Psychepoppet produces artful tracks as a soundtrack for the tabula rasa in all of us. The first single release from Psychepoppet is the track "Ghosts," and will feature the original version, in addition to remixes by Warszawa and from Germany. 

An extremely limited number of physical copies will be available, along with immediate download via the Carbon 12 Bandcamp page.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Chris Randall - floats on air

I'm a bit of a fan of Chris Randall's blog Analog Industries and his recent electronic compositions as well. The Micronaut series especially. Here is his latest endeavour. Check it out.

Birmingham 6 - Radicals

Monday, June 16, 2014

Carbon 12 Records release: Manifesto Destiny 3-Disc Set

Manifesto Destiny collects the first three releases from the US-based martial project Epoch and comes in a custom black cardboard sleeve and also contains the limited edition Epoch embroidered patch. Strictly limited to just ten hand-numbered copies.

Manifesto Destiny Contains:

Purity & Revolution
The first full release from Epoch represents a combination of acoustic guitar, raw crunchy metal and electronics that go from subtle to harsh. Indeed, these elements can be found in single tracks, like Capitalism is the New Fascism, while tracks like Architects of the Third World and W.T.O. go straight into full blown beats. Other tracks venture into symphonic and militaristic anthems that reflect the governmental extremism arising on American soil despite the dilution of democracy.

Epoch invited an equally diverse and global range of artists to remix tracks from Purity & Revolution. Acknowledging the extremism in the socio-political landscape, [R]evolution delivers extreme interpretations of Epoch’s sound. “[R]evolution” features remixes by <dE/mutE> from Germany, Sz.Berlin from England, Thy Fearful Symmetry, R3m0rt and Psychepoppet from the US and Lenin from the Netherlands.

Epoch further explores the rise and fall of western dominance on Sanctimonium with songs such as the monumental track The Rise, or the grungy, swirling overdriven guitar track, All Heil the Chief. On Cold Wave, Cold War and Information is Power (NSA Ultra Mix) Epoch reveals the Orwellian transgressions that have occurred and sanctioned by our leaders. With the harsh track Disciples of Mars, Epoch blends even more EBM based electronics into the forefront of its sound. Along with overarching symphonics, Epoch achieves yet another album of blended industrial styles, while retaining its militaristic identity.

Limited Edition Epoch Embroidered Patch

Manifesto Destiny is available through the Staatkunst Bandcamp Page in a limited edition of 10 hand numbered copies in a custom black cardboard sleeve.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

dE/mutE - Words

Inspired by various quotes that have impacted or held a particular meaning to <dE/mutE>'s Jochen Bettgens,  <dE/mutE> collaborated with Mary Urbach, Warszawa, Psychepoppet, N.fra and Tim Berghoff to create a new collection of electronic and atmospheric compositions. The resulting seven tracks cover a wide range of styles and interpretations, from minimalist beats to ambient soundscapes.

1. Intro
2. WalkingFalling  
3. Ecce Homo
4. söylemek
5. WW1
6. I will show you fear
7. One day I will find

A Preview of the tracks is available on Soundcloud.

Immediate digital download of Words, complete with a PDF of the accompanying art is available at the Carbon 12 Records Bandcamp Page starting May 9th.

A limited edition of just 75 CDs of Words is also available.

<dE/mutE> will also be featured on the upcoming single "Ghosts" by Psychepoppet where he lends his remixing skills.

About <dE/mutE>

From the Berlin School and the sounds of early Industrial, <dE/mutE> has been influenced by and immersed in sound construction and composition since the 1980's.

In addition to his own works, <dE/mutE>, also works with Simona Turini and Ingo Loeb on "CALENDAR - an annual cycle in word - sound - image." Simona provides text and spoken word as Ingo contributes oppressive and touching images and <dE/mutE> layers loops of musical phrases and sounds.

<dE/mutE> has also provided remixes for Bad Sector, Epoch, Zindagi and Psychepoppet.

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4.10-Pompeii-In Search of...

20 Sneaky Rules About Being in a Band That No One Ever Told You

Whether you are in the music business, information technology, or the construction industry there's a lot of good advice here that can help you become a better representative of your passion and work. It could easily be refitted to a article called, "How to be a professional"



Gimme The Beat (Box): The Journey Of The Drum Machine


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Roland Aira Series. A new 808/303?

It seems Roland might be actually making some new 808's and 303's. Probably digital, but interesting all the same.

via Attack Magazine HERE

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Saturday Scifi: Starcrash 1979

Fire up the popcorn and relax to this wonderfully terrible,  terrible, movie.

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