Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Psychepoppet - Ghosts

 Simple things can sometimes reveal greater truths and the understated often goes unheralded. In the case of the Washington DC area-based project, Psychepoppet, minute details and influences are common in shaping both the physical landscape and audible projections that become the day-in and day-out of existing in close proximity to the US's most notorious district.

Founded in 2002, Psychepoppet initially took shape in the world of grafitti and began experimenting with music two years later in 2004. Utilizing synthesizers, field recordings, and found sounds and musically influenced by techno, big beat, post-industrial, classical, baroque, and Medieval styles, Psychepoppet reflects on the environmental factors that influence who we become and how we project that essence to and upon others.

Thematically, Psychepoppet explores the theory of empiricism and the age-old question of nature verses nurture with atmospheric electronics and understated beats. Part ambient, part minimal, Psychepoppet produces artful tracks as a soundtrack for the tabula rasa in all of us. The first single release from Psychepoppet is the track "Ghosts," and will feature the original version, in addition to remixes by Warszawa and from Germany. 

An extremely limited number of physical copies will be available, along with immediate download via the Carbon 12 Bandcamp page.

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