Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Psychepoppet - Ghosts

 Simple things can sometimes reveal greater truths and the understated often goes unheralded. In the case of the Washington DC area-based project, Psychepoppet, minute details and influences are common in shaping both the physical landscape and audible projections that become the day-in and day-out of existing in close proximity to the US's most notorious district.

Founded in 2002, Psychepoppet initially took shape in the world of grafitti and began experimenting with music two years later in 2004. Utilizing synthesizers, field recordings, and found sounds and musically influenced by techno, big beat, post-industrial, classical, baroque, and Medieval styles, Psychepoppet reflects on the environmental factors that influence who we become and how we project that essence to and upon others.

Thematically, Psychepoppet explores the theory of empiricism and the age-old question of nature verses nurture with atmospheric electronics and understated beats. Part ambient, part minimal, Psychepoppet produces artful tracks as a soundtrack for the tabula rasa in all of us. The first single release from Psychepoppet is the track "Ghosts," and will feature the original version, in addition to remixes by Warszawa and from Germany. 

An extremely limited number of physical copies will be available, along with immediate download via the Carbon 12 Bandcamp page.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Chris Randall - floats on air

I'm a bit of a fan of Chris Randall's blog Analog Industries and his recent electronic compositions as well. The Micronaut series especially. Here is his latest endeavour. Check it out.

Birmingham 6 - Radicals

Monday, June 16, 2014

Carbon 12 Records release: Manifesto Destiny 3-Disc Set

Manifesto Destiny collects the first three releases from the US-based martial project Epoch and comes in a custom black cardboard sleeve and also contains the limited edition Epoch embroidered patch. Strictly limited to just ten hand-numbered copies.

Manifesto Destiny Contains:

Purity & Revolution
The first full release from Epoch represents a combination of acoustic guitar, raw crunchy metal and electronics that go from subtle to harsh. Indeed, these elements can be found in single tracks, like Capitalism is the New Fascism, while tracks like Architects of the Third World and W.T.O. go straight into full blown beats. Other tracks venture into symphonic and militaristic anthems that reflect the governmental extremism arising on American soil despite the dilution of democracy.

Epoch invited an equally diverse and global range of artists to remix tracks from Purity & Revolution. Acknowledging the extremism in the socio-political landscape, [R]evolution delivers extreme interpretations of Epoch’s sound. “[R]evolution” features remixes by <dE/mutE> from Germany, Sz.Berlin from England, Thy Fearful Symmetry, R3m0rt and Psychepoppet from the US and Lenin from the Netherlands.

Epoch further explores the rise and fall of western dominance on Sanctimonium with songs such as the monumental track The Rise, or the grungy, swirling overdriven guitar track, All Heil the Chief. On Cold Wave, Cold War and Information is Power (NSA Ultra Mix) Epoch reveals the Orwellian transgressions that have occurred and sanctioned by our leaders. With the harsh track Disciples of Mars, Epoch blends even more EBM based electronics into the forefront of its sound. Along with overarching symphonics, Epoch achieves yet another album of blended industrial styles, while retaining its militaristic identity.

Limited Edition Epoch Embroidered Patch

Manifesto Destiny is available through the Staatkunst Bandcamp Page in a limited edition of 10 hand numbered copies in a custom black cardboard sleeve.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

dE/mutE - Words

Inspired by various quotes that have impacted or held a particular meaning to <dE/mutE>'s Jochen Bettgens,  <dE/mutE> collaborated with Mary Urbach, Warszawa, Psychepoppet, N.fra and Tim Berghoff to create a new collection of electronic and atmospheric compositions. The resulting seven tracks cover a wide range of styles and interpretations, from minimalist beats to ambient soundscapes.

1. Intro
2. WalkingFalling  
3. Ecce Homo
4. söylemek
5. WW1
6. I will show you fear
7. One day I will find

A Preview of the tracks is available on Soundcloud.

Immediate digital download of Words, complete with a PDF of the accompanying art is available at the Carbon 12 Records Bandcamp Page starting May 9th.

A limited edition of just 75 CDs of Words is also available.

<dE/mutE> will also be featured on the upcoming single "Ghosts" by Psychepoppet where he lends his remixing skills.

About <dE/mutE>

From the Berlin School and the sounds of early Industrial, <dE/mutE> has been influenced by and immersed in sound construction and composition since the 1980's.

In addition to his own works, <dE/mutE>, also works with Simona Turini and Ingo Loeb on "CALENDAR - an annual cycle in word - sound - image." Simona provides text and spoken word as Ingo contributes oppressive and touching images and <dE/mutE> layers loops of musical phrases and sounds.

<dE/mutE> has also provided remixes for Bad Sector, Epoch, Zindagi and Psychepoppet.