Wednesday, June 11, 2014

dE/mutE - Words

Inspired by various quotes that have impacted or held a particular meaning to <dE/mutE>'s Jochen Bettgens,  <dE/mutE> collaborated with Mary Urbach, Warszawa, Psychepoppet, N.fra and Tim Berghoff to create a new collection of electronic and atmospheric compositions. The resulting seven tracks cover a wide range of styles and interpretations, from minimalist beats to ambient soundscapes.

1. Intro
2. WalkingFalling  
3. Ecce Homo
4. söylemek
5. WW1
6. I will show you fear
7. One day I will find

A Preview of the tracks is available on Soundcloud.

Immediate digital download of Words, complete with a PDF of the accompanying art is available at the Carbon 12 Records Bandcamp Page starting May 9th.

A limited edition of just 75 CDs of Words is also available.

<dE/mutE> will also be featured on the upcoming single "Ghosts" by Psychepoppet where he lends his remixing skills.

About <dE/mutE>

From the Berlin School and the sounds of early Industrial, <dE/mutE> has been influenced by and immersed in sound construction and composition since the 1980's.

In addition to his own works, <dE/mutE>, also works with Simona Turini and Ingo Loeb on "CALENDAR - an annual cycle in word - sound - image." Simona provides text and spoken word as Ingo contributes oppressive and touching images and <dE/mutE> layers loops of musical phrases and sounds.

<dE/mutE> has also provided remixes for Bad Sector, Epoch, Zindagi and Psychepoppet.

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