Friday, August 16, 2013

A Look Inside: Arturia Minibrute


  1. One of the metal strips under the keys seems to have come loose in shipping and slipped inside my Minibrute. I can hear it slide around (and two others came loose but are outside). Is there anything to worry about, or if it's sliding around under the keyboard is it separated from any electronics?

    1. Absolutely remove it. As fair as I know, the only thing that would between that metal and the electronics is air. Not only could it damage the electronics, but it could potentially bridge between the power components and the metal case, delivering a shock to you.

      If I had the same problem, I would do the following. If you choose to do so, you take responsibility of course.

      -Unplug the Minibrute. Turn the power switch to the "ON" for two hours. This will let all the capacitors discharge fully. It is necessary to flip the Brute over to open the case and having any charge left could be bad.
      -After two hours, open the Minibrute up and remove the metal.
      -Check all the key plates and make sure none are loose. Loose ones should be removed.
      -Re-glue all loose plates back with a glue indicated for metal and plastic. Locktite and Gorilla brands are good.
      -After the glue dries, reassemble.